Basic Handgun Training

Next class: February 15th

Basic Handgun - $125

10am - 3pm

If interested, stop in to sign up and pick up your book to reserve your seat. 

USCCA Classes

Close Quarters Defense Carbine & Pistol Classes!

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CQD 101 Handgun utilizes Simunition™ firearms teaching you the basic skills to increase your defensive capabilities in close quarter environments. Students will develop new skills including room clearing techniques, weapon manipulation,  risk management, communication, and use of force decision making. Test your newly acquired skills against static targets. All equipment provided.    

Prerequisites- Students should be able to demonstrate safe firearm handling skills.
What to bring- Sturdy footwear suitable for rapid movement and turning (no sandals or open toe), long pants, prescription glasses if needed, sturdy belt, pen/notepad 
What not to bring- No Live ammo/firearms/weapons allowed in classroom.

Women's Tactical Defense


Next Class:  TBA or call to schedule a private class!!!

Join us for some classroom and practical exercises. We focus on a lot of real-life scenarios and practical application.

Learn about:  - Safety in public - Walking to your car

                   - Legal - What you can and cannot do!

Next Classes 

TBA or contact Eric Kliem at:


(207) 602-8113

Join us 9:00a - 4:30p for a Close Quarters Defense Class using Simunitions converted pistols and carbines.  

Carbine:   $159

 Pistol: $149

Taught by Region One Protective Services LLC at Liberty Tree Arms.

NRA Basic Pistol Class

Pre-pay and pick up your book to reserve your seat!


Next class: February 7th & 8th

     Friday, February 7th: 6pm - 9pm

     Saturday, February 8th: 9am - End