Federal Government Releases Rule Banning Bump Stocks

December 19, 2018 - The Justice Department has released its final rule regarding so-called "bump stocks", classifying the devices as machine guns.  Gun Owners of Maine is very disappointed in the Administration's action in regard to bump stocks, and we believe that banning these devices through regulatory rulemaking illegally and unconstitutionally usurps the role of Congress, which has the sole power to make new law. We expect this new rule to be promptly challenged in Federal court, and to be firmly rejected.

April 3rd, many pro-2A supporters gathered at the State House and gave testimony opposing this dangerous bill that that would strip law abiding citizens of their gun rights - without due process!  This bill is just another shady attempt at gun confiscation.  We urge everyone to write to their state representatives when bills like this come along.  We will not give up our rights.  Gun rights are civil rights!

William's Machine Gun Pumpkin Shoot October 2017

Maine State Capitol  2017   

Gun Rights - Political Activism 

Maine State Capitol  2018 
Gun Rights - Political Activism

Maine State House - Opposition to LD 1884

Gun Rights - Political Activism 2019